The consequences of non-compliance with Irish Employment Law for employers can be serious and expensive. Getting expert advice now can help you to avoid issues with employees at a later date and can help you avoid being taken to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

At Insight HR, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your employment contracts, policies and procedures, HR documentation and HR filing systems are watertight.

We can help you to achieve 100% compliance quickly and seamlessly in preparation for a WRC inspection or to meet compliance targets set out by the WRC following an inspection.

Irish employment legislation sets the basic standards of behaviour for you, the employer, and your employees, setting out your employees’ entitlements and rights which you must honour.

Our services provide busy owner-managers and people-managers with a time-saving, efficient and hassle-free means for their organisation to become and remain compliant.  To speak to an expert in this area contact Mary Cullen, Liam Barton, Keith Connolly or Patrick Foley at 056 7701 060.