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Episode 13 – Imposter Syndrome and the Role of HR with Aoife O’Brien CEO of Happier at Work

On episode 13 of the HR Room Podcast, we’re we’re looking at Imposter Syndrome and the role of HR with Aoife O’Brien, CEO of Happier at Work. Find out about the 5 different types of imposter syndrome – and a simple ABC trick for dealing with it when it crops up.

Huge thanks to Aoife O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Happier at Work, for sharing her knowledge with us!

Episode 12 – Firing your mother (or another family member)

Working with family can be fun and rewarding, but what happens when a disciplinary issue arises?

Unfortunately this is something that many family-run businesses may have to face at some point.

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and Sarah Maher as they unpack those awkward discussions in our latest podcast.

Episode 11 – Safeguarding Frontline Workers with Tony Duffin of the Ana Liffey Drug Project

Episode 11 unpacks a subject which we think is extremely important. Thanks to Tony Duffin, CEO of the Ana Liffey Drug Project, for joining us to discuss the timely topic of how the pandemic has been affecting frontline workers and what employers need to do to support them.


Episode 10 – How to choose the right outsourced HR provider

This is an area that many businesses struggle with, and as there are a lot of HR providers out there, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Choosing the right partner for your business can help you free up your in-house resources, remove the burden of HR administration and help to improve the strategic focus of your HR Department.  Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and host Sarah Maher, as they discuss exactly what you should be looking for in a HR partner.

Episode 9 – Improving employee engagement with James Brogan of PepTalk

What exactly does employee engagement mean in 2021? Who is responsible for it in an organisation? These are just some of the conversation points from today’s episode of the HR Room Podcast. 

Huge thanks to our special guest, James Brogan, for joining Mary Cullen and Sarah Maher to discuss this interesting topic.

Episode 8 – Implementing a redundancy process

Implementing a redundancy process can be a complete minefield for employers and HR. Who to select, how to do it, who needs to be notified – these are just some of the questions we’ll be answering on this episode. 

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton, and host Sarah Maher as they disucss this important topic.

Episode 7 – Employee Wellness in 2021 With Rachael O’Shea, Head of Employee Experience At The Taxback Group

Pre-pandemic, some of the most well-known health and wellbeing strategies were those that put the focus on surface benefits such as beer taps and ping pong tables in the office. But what really matters to employees and to organisations?

Huge thanks to Rachael O’Shea for joining our episode and bringing that famous Rachael energy with her!

Episode 6 – Running a remote workplace investigation

Running any kind of workplace investigation can be frought with difficulties, let alone running one solely online. However, it is possible, and we’ve been doing it for clients all over Ireland throughout the pandemic. 

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and Sarah Maher as they consider some of the do’s and don’t’s of running a remote investigation.

Episode 5 – Think twice before withdrawing a job offer

On today’s episode of the HR Room Podcast, we’ll be sharing some cautionary advice for when it comes to the recruitment process, and more specifically the final stages. 

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and Sarah Maher as they share why you should always think twice before withdrawing a job offer. 

Episode 4 – The real cost of workplace stress

Nowadays, stress is widely recognised as a part of everyday life for the majority of us. Whether this is due to the increase in external stressors or the fact that we talk a little more openly about stress these days, the fact remains the same – workplace stress is commonplace. But what exactly is stress? And how does it occur in the workplace?

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and Sarah Maher as they discuss the real cost of workplace stress.

Episode 3 – What if my employee refuses to come back to the workplace

As Irish businesses prepare to reopen after a long lockdown that seemed to be endless, there are certain employees who might not feel comfortable going back to work. What can you do about this – and what should you do?

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and Sarah Maher as they discuss this timely topic.

Episode 2 – The danger in managing out an under-performing employee

This episode looks at the tricky subject of managing out an under-performing employee and what employers and HR need to be aware of. 

Join Mary Cullen, Liam Barton and Sarah Maher as they dissect this topic. 

Episode 1 – Welcome to the HR Room Podcast!

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