Independent Appeal Hearings

Satisfy the needs for impartiality and seniority in an appeal process with Insight HR’s consultancy service

Independent Appeal Hearings

Grievances and disciplinary processes need to be handled with the utmost sensitivity and tact, and employees may not always be satisfied with the outcome. Even when the process has been managed in line with relevant procedures, employees can feel wronged or as though they have been treated unfairly. They may feel as though certain evidence was not taken into account, or that they have some new evidence to show.

Employees should always be offered the opportunity to appeal the decision. If not, and the employee decides to take the matter further, then the fact that the employee has not been offered an appeal may be used in evidence against the employer and could lead to a hefty fine.

Of course, an appeal can sometimes present challenges for employers. The person who hears the employee’s appeal should be fair and impartial, where possible not have been involved in the process previously and be senior to those who were involved. So how can employers ensure that employees receive a fair appeal hearing?


How Insight HR can help

Insight HR will fairly, impartially and objectively hear an appeal process arising from an internal disciplinary process. As part of the process, Insight HR will

  • Review all documentation and aspects of the process prior to the appeal
  • Liaise directly with the appellant and any third parties as necessary
  • Independently hear the appeal
  • Carry out investigation, if necessary
  • See if a different outcome is appropriate
  • Provide the final outcome in writing in the form of a report

Insight HR has you covered.

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