Workplace Investigations

Bullying, harassment and intimidation in the workplace are some of the most difficult people issues which organisations may have to deal with. Organisations can also have to contend with grievances from employees and disciplinary issues.

Failure to address and resolve an allegation of bullying or harassment, or a grievance brought by an employee, or a disciplinary issue, can lead to a difficult, obstructive and stressful work environment and ultimately may lead to industrial relations problems and litigation.

We often find that managers are too busy, not adequately trained or are too closely involved to handle this kind of situation effectively without some expert assistance. With the increasing levels of litigation in Ireland today, employers cannot afford to make costly mistakes in this area.

Insight HR’s team of highly experienced investigators can help you avoid this. We can conduct independent and objective investigations and produce robust investigative reports – reports that will withstand external scrutiny. We ensure minimal business disruption and full legal compliance.

All of our Consultants have an in-depth understanding of the legal framework, extensive HR experience and the skill to manage difficult and sensitive situations.