Workplace Conflict

Avoid the headache of unresolved workplace conflicts with our conflict management solutions

Workplace Conflict


Workplaces can often be a breeding ground for conflicts. Differences in personality can lead to clashes between employees. Quirky behaviours or personality traits can cause annoyance, tension and even anger. A variety of cultural backgrounds may lead to disagreements on what is considered acceptable behaviour in the workplace. Jealousy, infighting, and disputes with management can all lead to workplace conflict.

While some workplace conflicts may be minor and get resolved quite easily, others can prove trickier. Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, disciplinary issues and grievances are all highly sensitive issues. Mismanagement, or failure to resolve the conflict efficiently, can have a negative impact on the entire workforce. Unfortunately, HR departments may not be able to devote the time the investigation needs without risking other HR areas falling behind. HR teams may also lack the necessary confidence to deal with certain matters. Allegations against senior members of the management team, for example, may lead to hesitation or worse – complete inaction.

At Insight HR, we have decades of experience in helping leading Irish businesses resolve workplace conflicts. Working with such a wide variety of clients means that we have gained a huge amount of experience in resolving all kinds of conflicts. Engaging with Insight HR next time your business faces a workplace conflict means that the issue will be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

We offer three main services for businesses in the midst of a workplace conflict. Learn more about these below.   

Discipline and Grievances

Expert management of tricky complaints and disciplinary issues

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Workplace Investigations

Rely on Insight HR’s expertise to tackle the tricky stuff

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Facilitation of open and transparent communication with an unbiased Mediator

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