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Walking a Tightrope: Fair Selection for Redundancy

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Britain’s vote to leave Europe with no-deal has the potential to rock the Irish economy, with those working in agri-food, agriculture, traditional manufacturing and road-transport likely to be the hardest hit.  Economic experts believe a no-deal Brexit will have a significant impact on employment and employment opportunities in sectors with exposure to the British market, particularly where businesses are vulnerable to …

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The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill

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In the UK, mandatory gender pay gap reporting indicated that on average 77% of employers pay men more than they pay women.  Legislation requiring gender pay gap reporting was introduced there in 2017 and organisations with greater than 250 employees were required to submit their first report in April this year.  Similar legislation is likely to be introduced in Ireland …

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Dealing with Pokémon GO at Work – A Guide for Irish Employers

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Virtual reality games like Pokémon GO are increasingly raising concerns for employers about productivity and safety.  The groundbreaking smartphone app, Pokémon GO, has undoubtedly become a craze across Ireland and beyond. The app allows players to explore the real world with their smartphones in the hunt for virtual Pokémon characters. A recent Forbes poll shows that 69% of Pokémon GO …

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Managing Attendance While Controlling Absenteeism: A Guide for Irish Employers

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What is absenteeism?  At its simplest, it’s when an employee is not physically present – though there is also the “presenteeism” of employees being physically present but not adequately focussed on their work.  This could result from a lack or limit on paid sick time, or indeed worry at how their absence would be perceived.  According to Professor Ciarán O’Boyle, …

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Take the fear out of a Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) inspection!

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The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) aims to secure compliance with employment rights legislation through inspection and prosecution services.  These services were formerly operated by the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA). Under the Workplace Relations Act 2015, which came into effect on 1st October 2015, the WRC monitors employment conditions through its Inspection Services to ensure the compliance and enforcement of employment …

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Be very careful when moving to dismiss!

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An employer had an employee about whom a colleague has made a complaint.  The nature of the complaint?  The employee was “preaching religion to his work colleagues and to members of the public”.  The employee did not deny this. The employer gave him a verbal warning and told him that it was unacceptable for him to preach to colleagues or members …

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The Role of the HR Function in Fraud Prevention and Detection

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This post is the 2nd in a series on workplace fraud.  The first post outlined how a company should deal with a fraud that they believe has been perpetrated against them by one of their own employees. This article will examine how the HR function can play a pivotal role in helping to prevent or at least significantly reduce the risk …

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The Enemy Within: How Should a Company Handle a Case of Suspected Fraud?

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The economic downturn in Ireland has increased the financial pressure on people.  PwC partner Bob Semple said in 2009 that “No organisation or industry is immune from the threat of fraud….In these tough times, the temptation to take part in a fraud may overcome ethical values.”  Or as Andrew Brown from Deloitte put it, “think of the current pressures that …