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A Professional Workplace Investigation Is Critical

Workplace investigations can be fraught with emotion and need to be handled with the utmost sensitivity and tact.

Many questions arise, including why would a company decide to conduct an investigation, what evidence is required, and why do some investigations not succeed?

Your obligations as an employer also mean that there are certain codes of practice that you must meet.

You may need a workplace investigation for:

  • A performance or conduct complaint against an employee;
  • A complaint of bullying, harassment or sexual harassment;
  • A complaint from an external party such as a customer or client.

Failure to resolve a conflict in the workplace can lead to a stressful work environment, industrial relations problems, and litigation.

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Rely On Ireland’s Workplace Investigations Experts

Running a workplace investigation is complicated and can be intimidating.

With over 20 years of experience in running both onsite and virtual workplace investigations, we know that the more sensitive the issue the higher the risk. We also know all the problems that running an inadequate investigation can cause.

We can help you to navigate this dangerous territory.

We thoroughly review all evidence, decide who needs to be interviewed, arrange and conduct the interviews and produce a weighty investigation report which may be used as proof of following due process.

Engaging with Insight HR can help you to avoid allegations of bias, protect the reputation of your business and avoid costly litigation.

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