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If we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s that hybrid working is here to stay. The pandemic didn’t just force businesses to adapt to a hybrid model, it showed us how successful that model can really be.

As we emerge from the pandemic, towards a return to office plan for September and beyond, the market desire for flexible or hybrid working has accelerated, and businesses now face the challenge of keeping up. Check out these expert insights and guidance, on how your business can stay ahead of the competition and win the new-look war for talent.


The current landscape

In a recent interview with the Irish Times, a spokesperson for Deloitte revealed that over 90% of their employees “expect to incorporate some level of remote working in the future.” This is reflective of the trend we see right across some of Ireland’s major employers. KPMG have also set the expectation for their 3,400 employees to work from the office for “two to three days on average.”

And for the bustling SME sector here in Ireland, we’ve seen countless examples of smaller teams freeing up their real estate as their employees move to fully remote working or rotational office time. In a world where responsible employers are focusing on sustainability and good business practice, this approach allows businesses to reduce their impact and footprint, at scale.


Your virtual community

Hybrid working, by its very nature, creates a much different ‘office’ experience for employees. With some employees working from home, some in the office, and some mixing both, it is easy to feel like your internal culture has been split in to three distinct, and worst case, three disconnected groups. The solution? Building and growing your virtual community.

The role of employee internal communications has come to the fore for many businesses in the past 18 months, as employers discovered that employee engagement does not just add value, it is simply business critical. Consider reviewing your internal communication channels, and the technology that enables communication across your organisation. Are you generating discussion on channels like Yammer and Slack? Are you encouraging collaboration through tools like Microsoft Teams? Are you running hybrid events in person and on Zoom?

Why? A recent study by Microsoft, who surveyed more than 20,000 of their employees across 21 countries revealed that over 40% of their workers in Ireland reported feeling highly empowered in a strong digital culture. This falls to 5-10% among those who feel they are in a weak digital culture.


Widen the pool (and make a splash!)

A recent study by PwC found that a quarter of millennials expect to have six or more employers over the course of their career. Couple this with geographical freedom that hybrid working brings, and you’ve got a talent pool that is active, mobile, and accessible.

So what can you do to become an employer of choice for this plentiful pool of flexible workers? Gain their attention with your most important weapon in the war for talent, your employer brand.

Consider activating social media champions and workplace ambassadors within your company. Provide guidance and channels for your employees to share news about your CSR efforts, professional development, and anything else that makes you stand out from the competition.

And most importantly, consider communicating your hybrid or remote working policy in your job advertisements for new roles. Don’t be afraid to share the options your prospective new hire will have when they come to work with you. You won’t have their attention forever, so when they arrive on your job advertisement, make it count.


The war for talent has never been easy, as you know. As we now experience a world of work that has become increasingly flexible, with talent who values mobility and connectivity, the war for talent has further intensified. For you as employers though, the opportunities are endless. For further guidance and discussion about this, and many other topics, check out the resources below, or speak to our team today at 0567701060 or


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