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The situation at Target Express is most unfortunate, especially for the 360 workers who find themselves suddenly thrown into a state of high stress and frustration – panic even.

Although it is not clear exactly what led to the Revenue’s decision to freeze the bank accounts of Target Express, effectively shutting them down, we feel that its effects could well have been mitigated if the Company had taken proactive steps earlier.

Management needs to communicate issues to employees at an early stage and to take actions, no matter how tough, to help alleviate problems that pose a threat to the life of the company.

It may have seemed an unpleasant task to have to contemplate at the time, but taking strong measures like wage cuts or redundancies early on could have meant that a good deal of those 360 workers would now still have secure jobs and the business may well have managed through their cashflow difficulties and face a positive future.

Our Insight: Don’t wait to introduce tough measures, based on good HR advice, until your business is in stress – dealing with them now could make all the difference down the line

Could Target Express have aimed better, sooner?

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