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When Love Breaks Down In The Workplace: A Guide for Irish Employers

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Relationships – we all have them. We all have familial relationships – and most of us also have romantic/sexual relationships. And, for better or for worse, these relationships occur in the workplace. It could be a small business run by a husband and wife team. Or a business where offspring are employed by parents. Or where romance blossoms between 2 colleagues. Or a relationship develops between a subordinate and a superior – whether that superior is married or not. The possibilities are endless – just like in life outside the workplace

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Lessons for Irish Employers on Constructive Dismissal

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It is typically not easy for an employer to lose a constructive dismissal – for a claim of constructive dismissal to succeed.  Why?  It’s because the burden of proof is on the employee to show that they were constructively dismissed. This is in contrast to an unfair dismissals case where the burden of proof is on the employer to prove …